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Anko Multi-Function Phone UV Steriliser

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Product details:
Disinfect your phone with this UV steriliser that is great for earphones, watches and jewellery too.

Product Details:
Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Internal size: 17.7cm (L) x 3cm (H) x 10.3cm (W)
Power source: USB-powered
Input: DC 5V/2.4V
Output: DC 5V/0.5A
Colour: White

UV disinfectant light targets those difficult to reach areas up to 99.9-percent of microbes
Great for phones, earphones, watches, toys, eyeglasses, keys, jewellery, and much more
2 x UVC tube lamps
In use auto-lock for safety with voice prompts
Fits phones upto 6.5-inch

Additional Information:
Care instructions: Clean according to given instructions

**Warning: UV emitted from this product. Avoid eye and skin exposure to unshielded product. Do not open the cover during operate.

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